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22 October

TV BRICS and Chinese broadcaster CDRTV to launch a series of documentaries about Sichuan province

TV BRICS and Chinese broadcaster CDRTV to launch a series of documentaries about Sichuan province

A unique series of documentaries about life in Sichuan province will be the first to be seen by TV BRICS viewers. The series"life in Chengdu" (Chengdu Life) produced by Chengdu Radio & Television (CDRTV) starts on the Russian air on October 23 at 19:15 (+3 GMT) on the Rostelecom and AKADO network.

International network TV BRICS and Chinese broadcaster Chengdu Radio & Television are expanding their cooperation. Now, as part of the partnership, TV content from the Chinese manufacturer will be available to the Russian audience of TV BRICS. The series of documentaries "Chengdu Life", created by the editorial office of TV BRICS partner in China - Chengdu Radio & Television, tells about the life of foreigners in Sichuan province, tourism, culture of this huge region in Western China, as well as reveal the recipes of traditional Sichuan cuisine. The content is fully adapted into Russian for the Russian broadcast of TV BRICS channel. The films are voiced by Omsk television company. On October 23rd, at 19:15, the first film of the series - "Hello, children" - will be broadcasted. This is the story of a Japanese photographer, Reggie Akiyama, who visited China several times and took almost 8,000 color photos in 12 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Chengdu and Kunming. 116 of them were included in the album "Hello, children!". These are memories of a happy childhood in the early 80's.

The series will continue with the stories of other foreigners who came to conquer Sichuan Chengdu, and even about the entire multi-national area of the Chengdu Metropolitan area Tongzilin, populated by foreigners from 40 countries. A separate part of the series"Chengdu Life" is dedicated to the cuisine of Sichuan province. Sichuan cuisine appeared in the Qin dynasty (221-207 BC). This is one of the four directions of Chinese national cuisine. The dishes are distinguished by a rich, sharp taste, unique cooking methods that meet the local flavor.

The international network TV BRICS and the Chinese broadcasting Corporation Chengdu Radio & Television (CDRTV) signed a Memorandum of cooperation in the spring of 2020. The Chinese company was one of the first to support the joint media project of TV BRICS, the UN information center in Moscow, and the who representative office in Moscow to combat the spread of the new coronavirus infection BRICS AGAINST COVID-19 INFOHUB. Stories about the experience in the fight against the

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