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25 June

TV BRICS and World Humanitarian Drive to sum up the results of Global Humanitarian Award “Stars of Covid” on June 28,2020

On June 28, the results of the “Honouring The Honourable” initiative will be summed up by the international non-governmental organization World Humanitarian Drive, a TV BRICS partner. The project is designed to highlight the role of people whose work is particularly important during the pandemic. The GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN AWARD will be awarded in the framework of the project.

Winners Announcement Ceremony will be at 4 pm (Moscow time) on the official WHD YouTube channel. The winners will be announced during an online ceremony.

Entries for the GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN AWARD have been accepted since May 1, 2020. Nominees could be from all corners of the world irrespective of the nationality, age, organization and community groups.


In total, the Organizing Committee received more than 1,600 entries from 52 countries. The shortlist of the award includes 550 projects. 100 projects from 35 countries, including nominees from Russia, India, and South Africa, are shortlisted.

Madhav Kumar , former Prime Minister of Nepal, and Pedro Altamirano, President of the National Assembly of Andalusia (Spain) are among Guests of Honour.

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