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29 April

TV BRICS is to present the works of Russian photographers at an exhibition in South Africa

TV BRICS is to present the works of Russian photographers at an exhibition in South Africa

 On April 29, the photo exhibition “Fragments of Russia: through the lens” opens in Stellenbosch (South Africa). 3 photographers and photo artists from Russia: Ilya Petrov (Omsk), Alexander Slobodin (Moscow), Alexander Beskov (Sochi) will take part in the exhibition. TV BRICS will present the works of Ilya Petrov and Alexander Slobodin. The event is organized by Zest fruit, the world leader in fruit exports from South Africa.

The exhibition "Fragments of Russia: through the lens” will be held with the support of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Cape Town. The general media partner is TV BRICS international media network. The exhibition will be held in the Marvol gallery (Hazendal Wine Estate 7599, Stellenbosch, South Africa).

Russian photographers will present photos from their native regions: Moscow Region, Omsk Region, Krasnodar Krai. Ilya Petrov, a photographer from the “Omsk Zdes” news agency, will offer visitors to the art gallery a series of images that glorify his fellow countrymen as a little bit crazy, but persistent and cheerful people.

“Natives of Omsk are able to keep faith in future, even in spite of unfriendly landscapes around. We want to show you this infinitely strong Siberian spirit today” Ilya Petrov, the author of the photos says.

Alexander Slobodin, photographer, TV BRICS cameraman (Moscow), offers a series of photos in the genre of photo reportage to South African art lovers. Alexander Slobodin visited more than 50 countries, among which his favorite destinations are Latin America, the United States, and Cuba. At the exhibition in Stellenbosch "Fragments of Russia: through the lens”, Alexander will present a series of photos made in Moscow, Zelenograd, Dolgoprudny and other cities near Moscow.

The photos taken by Alexander Beskov will tell visitors about Sochi, the Russian Riviera.

The grand opening of the exhibition of photos dedicated to Russia will be held on April, 29 at 17:30 local time at the Marvol gallery. The exhibition will be available to visitors for a free access.

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