21 December

TV BRICS summed up its work in connection with the Russian chairmanship of BRICS

TV BRICS summed up its work in connection with the Russian chairmanship of BRICS

The XII BRICS Summit chaired by the Russian President Vladimir Putin was held on November 17 via videoconference. It was attended by the heads of the five countries: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. The key topics for discussion included strengthening ties within the association, joint work to restore the economies of countries during and after the pandemic, countering terrorism and fighting corruption.

The Summit participants paid special attention to the expansion of cooperation in the field of science and culture. According to the leaders, joint projects will not only strengthen ties between countries at the diplomatic level but also contribute to the development of friendly relations between the BRICS nations, making their cultures interesting for residents of the Five.

“We need flagship projects in culture exchanges that allow us to highlight the diversity of our cultures. We must encourage the participation of our people in various BRICS events and make them more interesting for our peoples,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping.

For several years, TV BRICS International Network has been playing a flagship role in the creation of a single information and communication space for the BRICS countries. Created in 2017 on the initiative announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 2017 Summit, today the ambitious international multimedia project serves as an international hub uniting dozens of partner media (TV channels, news agencies, periodicals, radio stations) in all BRICS countries.

In the year of Russia's chairmanship of BRICS, TV BRICS International Network, headquartered in Moscow, became vigorously involved in the work of the association, being a committed information partner of the BRICS events and initiating its own projects through the five-party cooperation.

By the summing-up BRICS Summit 2020, TV BRICS International Network announced the results of its own work achieved in cooperation with partner media companies from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa during the entire period of Russia's chairmanship of BRICS.

Among the key results of TV BRICS's work is the expansion of the partner network of the BRICS media outlets: today it unites about 30 media companies, including the leading TV channels of the five countries, the largest news agencies, popular periodicals, radio stations, and digital platforms.

TV BRICS facilitates the constant intensification and expansion of mutual exchange of reliable journalistic information on various spheres of life of each country: culture, history, economics, business. Information interaction of partner editorial offices creates a single BRICS communication space, open to the audience of each country, forming the basis for the sustainable development of ties between the peoples of the five countries. BRICS Media Network is a successful umbrella brand giving new opportunities not only to the audience, but also to the new business ideas, integration and business interaction.

Over the year of Russia's Chairmanship, TV BRICS International Network acted as an information partner of international diplomatic and cultural events - forums, festivals and summits.

With the support of TV BRICS, the First International Cooperation Forum 2020 was held as well as BRICS Business ForumGlobal Energy Forum, BRICS Film Festival and other events aimed at maintaining and developing ties within the association.

At the end of the BRICS Summit 2020, several important conclusions were made indicating the guidelines for the association's work in the upcoming years. TV BRICS International will carry out further work to promote the priority goals and objectives of the association, developing a common communication space for the institutions of the BRICS countries.

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