22 July

TV BRICS to broadcast the Russian premiere of the film about the "rocket man of India" Abdul Kalam

TV BRICS to broadcast the Russian premiere of the film about the "rocket man of India" Abdul Kalam

July 27st is the memory day of Abdul Kalam, the Indian aerospace scientist and President of India (2002-2007). And in honor of this special day,the Russian premiere of the film "Dreams" directed by Athitya Kanagarajan will take place on TV BRICS.

The main character, a primary school student, receives a letter from former President Abdul Kalam and starts to prepare for his visit. Unfortunally soon after he finds out, that the former president dies.

The film had its international premiere at the «Dallas Fort Worth South Asian Film Festival» in America in 2019. The short feature film "Dreams" won the preice of the «PlayButton International film festival» in Chennai (India) in March 2020, the festival was held with the media support of TV BRICS. Director and writer of the short feature fim: Athitya Kanagarajan .

Abdul Kalam is an importnat figure for India, a well-known scientist specializing in aerospace engineering, a statesman, the author of the famous technological plan of transforming India from a developing country to a developed one, the Creator of the "nuclear project" that made India a nuclear-weapon state . He had made significant contributions to the development of India's satellite and rocket programs. The Bombay times called Dr. Abdulm Kalam "rocket man of India", "the father of the Indian rocket program". Abdul Kalam is one of the initiators of the creation of the j Russian-Indian enterprise "BrahMos" for the production of cruise rockets.

The original version of the film is in Tamil, one of the official languages of India. The film was translated into Russian. Dubbing production was made by Omsk Television company. The TV premiere will take place on July 27th on the TV BRICS-channel and as part of TV BRICS-block on the “Prodvizhenie” channel.

- Trailer.

- After the TV premiere, the film "Dreams" can be found on the TV BRICS website.

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