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21 July

TV BRICS to create an international digital library of video content from the BRICS countries

TV BRICS to create an international digital library of video content from the BRICS countries

TV BRICS International Media Network is launching the BRICS Digital World project, - a single digital video content library of the BRICS countries.

BRICS Digital World is a single international content library produced in the BRICS member states. The library includes multi-genre multilingual video content: television series, feature films and documentaries, TV shows, web series, television documentaries, etc.

The catalogue is a convenient form for searching and purchasing exclusive overseas content by BRICS broadcasters. The BRICS Digital World library is a universal platform for producers and broadcasters to expand their capabilities and strengthen their ties within the BRICS space. This project is considered to be a unique tool for the formation of a single digital communications and public diplomacy space of the "five" countries.The single international content library is designed to promote video content produced by Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa in the media market of the BRICS countries and the world, as well as to facilitate the permitted continuous content exchange in the media space of the "five" countries.

Content database provides paid and publicly available access. The collected content is cataloged under categories, reflecting all the necessary information for the user: name, description, genre, dubbing language, country of origin, etc. The catalog is a convenient form for searching and purchasing exclusive foreign content by BRICS broadcasters.

Any copyright holder can place their content catalog in the BRICS Digital World: to do this, you need to register a personal account on the library's website, through which you can fill in the necessary information in the catalog and upload content or introductory trailers. So, information about the content offered for distribution will be available to broadcasters around the world. Registration on the BRICS Digital World platform is free of charge.

"We are not going to be involved in any negotiations between copyright holders submitted for BRICS Digital world catalogue and their potential client. The point is that all further issues of direct transfer of any type of rights to some counterpart should be definitely solved with the copyright holder on an individual basis. However, as an organizer TV BRICS will be ready to provide any possible assistance in order to facilitate communication between interested parties, "- Ilya Bachurin, General Director of TV BRICS international network said.

For the moment you can find in BRICS Digital World library a catalog of TV programs of the "MKR-Media", documentaries of Russian companies "Kinokontest", "Kinochronika", feature films produced by Chinese TV BRICS companies-partners: Uni Pictures, Zhejiang Yingbang Culture Media, Beijing Perfect Pictures Media, Beijing Zhanzhuo Mingyu Film& Television Culture Media; TV shows of Moja Media (TV BRICS partner in South Africa) and others.

The official website of the BRICS Digital World international content library is:

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