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14 April

TV BRICS to support African TV premieres of documentaries produced by Renmin Ribao

TV BRICS to support African TV premieres of documentaries produced by Renmin Ribao

Moja Media Group (TV BRICS international network partner in South Africa) launches premiere screenings of documentary short films produced by Renmin Ribao (“People`s daily”) (TV BRICS International network partner in China). The premiere will take place in the framework of a special TV BRICS broadcast block, regularly aired on Moja Media Group channel in South Africa, on Tuesday 14 April.


As part of the screenings, African viewers will see a film about the city of Heze in the Chinese province of Shandong, produced by Renmin Ribao ("People's Daily online") dedicated to the fight against poverty. Based on the stories of local residents, the authors tell about how until recently one of the poorest cities in China is gradually flourishing. The film "Peony in bloom" ("Peony in bloom: poverty alleviation efforts blossom in Heze city") draws the viewer's attention to the contrast of beauty, inspiration and extreme poverty: among the blooming peonies, we see pictures of the life of the poorest quarters of Heze.

Moja Media channel will also host the premiere of a Chinese short film about the development of the e-Sports industry in Shanghai («Shanghai hosts TI9, gears up to build global e-Sports capital»). Using the example of the Dota 2 computer game championship, which was held in Shanghai in 2019, the authors of the film show the audience the backstage of e-Sports competitions and tell the prospects of this sector.

The TV premiere of both Renmin Ribao ("People's daily") films on Russian television took place on TV BRICS channel. Now the English-language version of the film will be aired in South Africa on BRICS TV satellite channel of Moja Media Group. In the future, TV BRICS editorial board plans to offer video content from Brazil to its African partner: documentaries and animated films.


Moja Media unites 3 TV channels (BRICS TV, Root TV, TELESUR Africa). BRICS TV Moja Media channel started broadcasting in July 2018 via StarSat satellite, which has coverage in 30 countries of the African continent. Since 2018 Moja Media has been a partner of TV BRICS International network.

Within the framework of the TV BRICS partner network, there is a multilateral information exchange between media companies of the BRICS countries. TV BRICS is the largest "hub" for the content exchange in the "ring" format: Russia-India-China-South Africa-Brazil – Russia. On a regular basis, there is an exchange of news footage with the main TV channel of Sao Paulo state (Brazil)- TV CULTURA and Funtelpa TV company of Para state (Brazil), the African TV channel Moja Media.

TV BRICS Russian viewers can watch TV and film content of Chinese production (Sanya Bright, Renmin Ribao ("People's daily"). In the near future, there will be an exclusive TV screenings of travel programs produced by the CNC channel (Xinhua, China), as well as Indian short films from the Indo-Russian Cinema Association.

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