17 October

UAVs Will Be Called for Duty at the Military World Games in China

UAVs Will Be Called for Duty at the Military World Games in China

Pilotless police patrol cars will maintain order at the Military World Games in Wuhan. It is planned to call the UAVs engineered in China for duty at the most important sports grounds and near athletes’ residences, a correspondent reports with the reference to

The pilotless police car gathers speed from 5 to 15 kilometers per hour, it is equipped with 8 cameras and sensors rotating by 360 degrees. It weighs about 400 kilograms and can keep up an uninterrupted patrol for 8 hours. The pilotless patrol can automatically define road conditions and call a police squad or other services.

To recap, the Military World Games are held in China once in four years. Games 2019 are the seventh and the largest ever. They will be held from October 18 to October 27.

Participants will compete in 27 main sports divided into 329 disciplines. 10 thousand athletes from 110 countries will participate in this year’s games. The sports grounds are the main improvement: all competitions will take place on one huge area of 56.6 hectares.

The organizers’ goal is to bring joy to participants and audience with this bright and friendly sports festival under the motto "Ecology, Sharing, Openness, Honesty, and Devotedness".

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