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19:20 The language of dance

The language of dance

The language of dance

Dance is a language understandable without translation. Presenter Aleksandr Kononov exploresnew danc...





Reporting from the scene, from exhibitions, premieres and meetings at the highest level. Interesting...

The language of dance
24.01.2319:00 Society
TV BRICS podcasts are now available on Apple Podcasts
20.01.2315:45 Society
TV BRICS to report on current events in Jilin Province in the "China News Review"
18.01.2310:45 Society
TV BRICS signs agreement with the Museum of the Special Purpose Garage of the Federal Guard Service of Russia
Russia India South Africa
07.12.22 16:26

Winners in international nominations of #WeAreTogether award are representatives of India and South Africa

Participants presented their charitable projects

At the International Forum of Civil Participation #WeAreTogether, which takes place from December 4 to 7, 2022, the winners of the award with the same name in the international track were announced.

The winner in the nomination "Ecology and Sustainable Development" was won by the Youth Welfare Association "Shwarmani" from India with the project "Sustainable Action through Volunteering". It is aimed at informing socially vulnerable segments of the population about state support measures and assisting in filling out documents. In addition, the project involves conducting educational activities aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among the population. For 5 years, the project participants have helped more than 50 thousand people.

“This award is not for me, this award is for hundred volunteers for whom I am working through my organisation selflessly. So, this is not for me, this is for my country, my state, my team. This is a big honour for us,” said project spokesman Rohit Kumar.

He noted that the organization is engaged in improving the environment and raising awareness of the population about personal hygiene. The Shwarmani Youth Welfare Association will continue to provide people with everything they need through the mediation of local authorities.

“Together we will do more for our nation and our people,” Kumar added.

The Dream Factory Foundation from South Africa won in the Equal Opportunities and Social Justice nomination. The organisation was created to empower out-of-school children and youth. The main beneficiaries of the project are young women from low-income and rural areas. To date, these programmes have affected more than 100,000 people in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Cameroon.

“We work with youth, with young people to empower the true leadership training, we empower the true education and we also empower the true entrepreneurship because we understand that for any nation the young people are a drive for prosperity, for economic world and the sustainability of the nation so we target young people, we seek to bring them skills, we seek to improve them as the citizens of the country and make them proud of who they are in the country and contribute meaningfully to the society,” said Linda Ndlovu, representative of the South African project.

The main objective of the #WeAreTogether international award is to recognise and support the leaders of socially significant initiatives aimed at improving the quality of people's lives.

Photo: the International Award #WeAreTogether
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01.02.2314:00 Society
First BRICS Sherpa meeting of the year opens in South Africa
01.02.2313:30 Society
In Rio, the ID card to have a unique CPF number
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Workshop in New Delhi discusses peculiarities of teaching Russian language in Indian schools
31.01.2319:15 Society
India Energy Week takes place in Bangalore from 6 to 8 February 2023
30.01.2315:30 Society
Johannesburg Film Festival takes place from 31 January to 5 February at various venues in the city
30.01.2310:30 Society
Ezemvelo to relocate 69 stray elephants to its territory
30.01.2310:30 Society
Ezemvelo to relocate 69 stray elephants to its territory
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São Paulo: five places you must visit
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