23 March

Zhang from China Defends the UFC Champion Title,Takes Vengeance for the Words About Coronavirus

Zhang from China Defends the UFC Champion Title,Takes Vengeance for the Words About Coronavirus

The UFC champion, Chinese woman Weili Zhang fought against a Pole Joanna Endzheychik.The combat lasted all 5 rounds, then one judge gave vote to the Polish sportswoman, and two others named Cheung the winner. As a result, the split decision was made, and judges awarded Zhang with a win – 47:48, 48:47, 48:47. The Chinese female fight erretained the UFC 248 champion title in the minimum weight category. As observers comment, both competitors came to a ring extremely motivated.

Before the fight, the Polish sportswoman played a trick on the Chinese woman in Instagram. Endzheychik posted the announcement of the fight with herself in a gas mask. Thus, she hinted at coronavirus epidemic in China. Zhang took offense.


«Laughter over the tragedy is an indicator of character» — the Chinese wrote in Instagram. «People perish. Someone's fathers, mothers, children. You can say about me anything if it allows you to feel stronger, but do not dare to joke about what is happening here. I wish you good health till March 7. We will meet soon».

The duel turned out extremely brutal, competitors literally beat each other.

According to Sport-Express, COVID-19 epidemic affected training course of the Chinese woman. Some time ago, Zhang left the Celestial Empire to avoid contacts with people infected with coronavirus. She had to go to Thailand at first, then — to the UAE, then — to the USA.

Photo: sport-express

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