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Foreign students in Russia

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Russian universities annually produce about three hundred thousand foreign graduate experts - this is comparable to the population of Podolsk. Foreigners study medicine, space technology, economics and philology.

The overwhelming majority of foreign students come from the countries of the former Soviet Union. Further the top list includesthe BRICScountries. China - 7.5%, Africa - about the same, and India - 4.5%. In total, students from 170 countries study in the Russian Federation.

Now the heads of the leading Russian universities rack their brainshow to recruit more foreign students. Some offer to develop special grant programs; others - to create online courses for the preparation of first-year students; the third - to develop bilingual education; the fourth, on the contrary, - to introducean obligatory exam of the Russian language. But all of them agree on one thing: we need to provide foreigners with a comfortable life in Russia.To do this, we need to build new, modern student hostels.

Russia's strict migration legislation also hinders the recruitment of foreign students. The Federation Councilpromised to help cope with paper problems. To do this, an interdepartmental commission is going to be created to address pressing issues and to amend the inhospitable lawsin a few months.