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Interview: CPC devises formula for driving China's speedy development, says Panamanian politician

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The Communist Party of China (CPC), commemorating its 100th anniversary this year, has blazed a specific trail with Chinese characteristics and achieved incredible feats in social development, environmental conservation and public governance, a Panamanian politician has said.

China has found the formula for fostering development and effectively improving the wellbeing of its people, said Hector Aleman, secretary of international relations of Panama's ruling Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), in a recent interview with Xinhua.

China has taken into account the balance between social development and environmental protection, he said, adding that "finding that balance and ensuring that more and more Chinese people get out of poverty is an amazing feat" that is hard to achieve for any country.

Talking about China's vision on building a "Beautiful China," he said: "it must be understood as the possibility of guaranteeing economic development while keeping balance with the environment. And it is also a goal that China is meeting its commitments to the global development goals set by the United Nations."

Aleman has visited China for several times, and has thus witnessed the country's speedy development. In December 2019, he led a PRD delegation to China and signed an agreement with the CPC to strengthen ties between the two parties.

The purpose of his visits to China was to understand how the CPC manages a highly complex, large country with a population of 1.4 billion, and how it addresses the different needs of the people, he said.

In each stage of the CPC's history, "there have been capable leaders, taking the lead from the party to drive each stage and accomplish goals," he said.

Aleman also emphasized the political philosophy that President Xi Jinping has expounded in the book "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China," saying that some concepts embodied in the volumes underscored the need "for the party to be an example, and for its leaders to be the first to gather these characteristics in order to lead the people. This is fundamental."

Noting that China is a country with its own political, economic and social characteristics, the Panamanian politician said: "it is about respecting this diversity, to realize its potential, not suppress it, to guarantee this co-existence. It relates to guaranteeing a system that does more than benefiting from this diversity."

(Video reporters: Su Jin, Yu Lizhen; video editor: Zhang Yucheng)