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Moscow after lockdown. Is it freedom?

The lockdown was cancelled in Moscow. However, the mask regime is still in effect in the capital. But, apparently, not all Muscovites know about this. "Why did you go for a walk without a face mask?" "We have a face mask with us. "I have my face mask with me, but it covers part of my face ugly, doesn't it?" - Yes! Why do residents of the capital ignore personal safety equipment? And what did people miss most during lockdown? Our correspondent has tried to look into this issue.

Olga Bubnova, correspondent: "Not a single story on Instagram can do without a face mask today. Users, especially girls, have long been accustomed to" putting them on " in the virtual world. But in real life, things are a little bit different. Today we are in Moscow's Gorky Park, where we will take a walk and see how people use personal safety equipment, whether they. wear face masks and gloves or not".

In Gorky Park, visitors are regularly reminded to wear face masks over a loudspeaker. But most people ignore these ads. Apparently, personal safety equipment prevents Muscovites from enjoying the summer.

But we did manage to meet one masked man. Olga Baryshnikova admits: this is her first walk after two months of lockdown. Today she feels like a tourist in her native Moscow Gorky Park. On self-isolation, I talked with my friends via video conference and I missed walking a lot.

Your face mask is reusable. Is it more convenient?

No! I prefer the medical one.

Why don't you wear a medical one?

I have it with me.

And do you have gloves?


Why aren't you wearing gloves?

They said you can do without gloves. Here, I can show you my pair. Here you are! Let's put them on!

Right. One should wear gloves in public places. But, in fact, one can be without gloves in the park.

Glasses are fogging up! Because you breathe…

And still, despite this discomfort and difficulties, you wear a face mask!

Of course!

And why? Are you afraid of getting sick or because they said so?

They said.

So, you're not afraid of getting sick, aren`t you?

No (laughs)

The popular instablogger Frosya is also not afraid to get sick. Virtual meetings with friends could not replace communication in real life. Frosya has got more than 50 thousand followers on Instagram. She communicated with them during the lockdown. But today I have met my friends for the first time in two months.

We have met for the first time during the lockdown. We are enjoying our time. I am happy.

It is the first time you went for a walk in two months, isnt it?


Why did you go for a walk without a face mask?

We have face masks with us.

I have a face mask with me, but it covers part of my face ugly, doesn't it?

Yes! But I have it with me. Thats the point

What about your health?

Health? Well, I think that we are healthy now, that we have already been exposed to the virus during the lockdown: some with symptoms of Covid, some without, so I think, there is no such danger anymore.

Have you ever thought about taking an antibody testing?

I have.

So what is the result?


Negative? This means you don't have any antibodies.

I'm healthy! (laughs).

I think that it is necessary to wear face masks. Be sure to keep social distance of one and a half meters. And, most likely, to communicate only with some close people at first, and then, you might think dating using the Badoo platform. Make some new acquaintances.

Arman, a hockey player, missed training most of all during the lockdown. The young man has been playing hockey since he was three years old. He says that during the lockdown, he missed his favorite sport, as well as his friends and fans.

According to statistics, men are less likely to wear face masks because they believe that it spoils their masculinity. Do you agree?

No, I don't agree with that!

Then why aren't you wearing a face mask?

Umm. Just forgot to put it on.

Did you go for a walk today for the first time?


Do you mean you spent three months at home?

Yes, I stayed for three months at home, and today I decided to go out. The weather is good today and we decided to go for a walk with friends.Nobody follows the rules. We go on our walk. And again - there is no a single person in the mask.

The capital looks like there is no coronavirus and never has been: traffic jams, crowds of people walking, and meeting a masked person is more difficult than finding these masks at the beginning of quarantine, when there was a real shortage of personal safety equipment. However, now there is no shortage. So, please, do not forget to put on a face mask.

Olga Bubnova, Kirill Palmovskiy, TV BRICS.