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The Concert for doctors

Vadim Berezhnoy, Head Doctor of the Clinical Medical and Surgical Center of Omsk region: «We have about 100 people working in the Covid hospital. Today, 2/3 of them, those who are not at work and are just recovering here in the Irtysh hotel, has received this amazing gift which, our Ministry of health, the Ministry of culture of Omsk region and the Omsk Philharmonic so unexpectedly but very sensitively felt what our medical nurses and doctors need. Because they really get tired».

Vyacheslav Dyudnev, The main vocalist of Premier vocal group of the Omsk Philharmonic: «I think they do not get so many smiles and positive emotions being at work during the lockdown and besides following self-isolation regime. Therefore, our task as artists is to inspire them, to tell them that we are ready to support them and, of course, everything will be fine».

Irina Lapshina, Director of the Omsk Philharmonic: «We prepared a various program, so that it was easy for understanding. Today serious classics probably won't fit this format very well. But the most important thing is that we have also prepared the song, named "Don't get sick, doctor". Because today it just meets the situation, it is, probably, really relevant to it».