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Peony in bloom: poverty alleviation efforts blossom in Heze city. Produced by People’s Daily Online

It is a city steeped in idyllic beauty. Patches of bright peony blossoms are sprinkled among its fertile lands with the Yellow River winding through the pleasant landscape. Yet it is a city mired in poverty. It has long been at the bottom of the province in per capita GDP, being widely considered as the province’s poorest city. This staggering contrast of beauty and poverty coexists in Heze city.

As targeted poverty alleviation became a government priority in China since late-2013, Heze has been exploring its own development paths that play to its strengths in the fight against poverty. This short film tells the inspirational stories of Li Dandan, Ren Qingshen, and many other local people who all shook off poverty by exploring different career and entrepreneur opportunities with the help of local government.

TV BRICS reports with reference to The People's Daily.