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75th anniversary of Victory Day Parade

«Parade! Stand at attention under the State flag of the Russian Federation and the Victory banner! Turn for a meeting from left to right!»

The General of the Army pronounces the words that have already become tradition. Only this time they sound at the historical parade. It will go down in history not just as the 75th anniversary of the victory, but as the first closed solemn march-there are only heads of states and veterans are on the viewing stands. The rest had to catch the parade troops on the streets of Moscow.

Irina Zaloivnay, spectator (Krasnodar Krai): «We were a little upset, but still got positive emotions, especially from military aircrafts. I have always dreamed to become a pilot, so this is so exciting for me».

Esin Bark, spectator (Nigeria): «When I was in Nigeria, every year I watched the parade on TV. I like parades».

They decided to hold the parade despite the difficult epidemiological situation. They prepared for the parade in emergency mode just for a couple of weeks. Quarantine was added to the usual rituals. All participants of the parade had undergone quarantines before the event. About 80 veterans were being kept in isolation at a health resort near Moscow before the parade.

Anastasya Shkitina: «This year, not all journalists were allowed on Red square. Those who worked there had to take a coronavirus infection test. The international press center, which was organized in the premises of Manege, also followes all security measures. For example, behind me you can see the work area, it has 250 seats, they are separated, and a social distance of 1,5 meters is observed between them. Journalists should wear masks, and there are hand sanitizers in each zone».

And there were fewer journalists this year than during previous round anniversaries. It's probably easier to observe a social distance for not so many colleagues.

But there were no restrictions for military men. In total, 14,000 soldiers from 13 foreign countries took part in the parade, including China and India. The South Asian country sent a contingent consisting of three types of national armed forces: land forces, air forces and Navy. Last time Indian soldiers marched on this pavement five years ago. But such a number of soldiers (about 80 men) and variety of troops are presented for the first time.

Rajnath Singh, defense Minister of India, also arrived with a contingent of the Indian Armed Forces in Russia

Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister of India: «We pay tribute to the Russian people for the Supreme sacrifice they made. Indian soldiers also contributed to the victory. Millions of Indian soldiers took part in the Second world war – helping the Soviet Union in shipment. Therefore, the participation of our armed forces in the anniversary parade is a matter of pride. This testifies to the eternal friendship between our armed forces».

And this applies not only to India, Vladimir Putin said in his speech. According to him, the Red army played a key role in Nazis’ defeat, but we should not forget about the contribution of the allied forces to the victory.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russian Federation: «We will never forget our allies’ contribution to the common victory, the significance of the second front that opened in June 1944, we honor brave soldiers of the Allies of World War II, the deed of all the fighters against Nazi Germany who fearlessly fought in Europe. Only together can we can protect the world from new dangerous threats».

According to Vladimir Putin, the parade was dedicated to the historical truth for which Russia has been fighting for the past few years, while many countries are trying to rewrite history.

11 combat crews in the military uniform of the Great Patriotic war, were marching on the pavement. This large-scale historical reconstruction took place for the first time. Mosin Rifles, Shpagin submachine guns, and the military uniform of that time once again reminded us who we should be grateful for the victory. Military vehicles, including renowned WWII-era T-34 and T-72 battle tanks, followed the foot columns.

Anastasya Shkitina: «A record number of military hardware – 234 military vehicles takes part in the parade: well-known items as well as new ones. For example, modifications of the T90 and T80 BV tanks, which form the basis of armed forces in the Arctic regions. On this day, exactly 75 years ago, a column of military hardware on Red Square stretched for 50 minutes, because then almost 2 thousand soldiers both from the Red army and the allies took part in the parade of winners».

After the mechanized column passed, military aircrafts and helicopters of the Aerospace forces appeared in the sky. There were75 vehicles in total. The world's largest serial production Mi-26 helicopter opened the air parade. But there was no such a show in 1945, as it was cloudy and it rained. More than two hundred aircrafts remained at the airfields. Participants of this year parade were lucky with the weather, the program was completed to the end. The anniversary parade lasted longer than usual for half an hour. They decided to devote more time to the event on the occasion of a round date.

After all, the further this tragedy goes into history, the easier and more terrible it would be to forget it.

Anastasya Shkitina, Kirill Palmovskiy, Anton Kosolapov, TV BRICS.