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Across 15 Countries and 105 Cities: World Peace Rally 2019 Has Reached Moscow

Participants of a large-scale motor rally World Peace Rally 2019 have arrived in Moscow. The event started on July 1 in India. Organizers of the World Rally support Mahatma Gandhi's ideas. The famous Indian politician and philosopher stood up for peace and freedom.

Bridgmohan SudWorld Peace Rally 2019 organizer:

"We have organized this World Rally to support the idea of global peace. Today no obstacles stop hostility among people. But we could invest the money, which we spend on weapons, on killing each other, into education, and into medicine. In order to create the better society"

Samir KakkadWorld Peace Rally 2019 participant:

"I have some health issues. Some people think that it is impossible, but I am a participant of a motor rally going from India to London! A lot of them are astonished: how can this man drive a car? But I actually can. And my main task is to efface borders. That barrier which exists in each of us, which each country has. Our mission is to make our contribution to the world unification and international friendship, to make all planet live in love!"

Thirty participants will cover 17 thousand kilometers in 45 days. Their route passes across 15 countries and 105 cities. The travelers have already visited Nepal, China, and Kazakhstan. They say, the most difficult thing is to spend one month and a half far away from their families, work and habits.

Sanul LadaWorld Peace Rally 2019 participant:

"I am a vegetarian, and personally for me, the most difficult thing was to find in each country some proper food for myself. For example, we found Indian food in Russia. And not long ago, we were in China and tried Chinese cuisine there! It turned out that the Chinese also have vegan food. Therefore, everything is good, and the trip has been perfect so far! Russia has always been one of the countries I dreamed to visit! I traveled all over the world, but somehow could not go to Russia. And I am in Moscow at last!"

After their stop in Moscow, participants continued the rally in a "whirlwind trip" style. Today, the motor rally column already arrived in Poland. The further route goes across the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, and France. The motor rally will end in London on August 12.