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Army-2019 International Military-Technical Forum

Artem Evdokimov, a correspondent: “1300 enterprises, 27 thousand samples of small arms, ammunition and equipment. This is what Army 2019 is. Comparing to last year, the exhibition of the forum has doubled. And representatives of 110 countries came to see and evaluate the innovations of the Russian defense industry - this is also a record! ”

All heavy armor on the open ground is the size of several football fields. The organizers have published a long list of new products. To find and examine them all, you need more than one hour to walk through the long maze of tanks, self-propelled guns and armored vehicles. But the most courageous expectations of the guests were more than justified. For example, the audience was showed the Pantsir - SM for the first time. This ultra-precision complex can hit enemy air targets at a distance of up to 40 kilometers - twice as far as the previous model. Drok self-propelled mortar and Corsar reconnaissance drone were among other new products. In general, the Minister of Defense had every reason to talk about the safety margin and the progress of the national defense-industry complex.

Sergey Shoigu, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation:

“Contrary to the sanctions that were introduced to slow down the scientific and technological progress in Russia, the defense industry enterprises not only withstood, but also increased the positive dynamics of their development. I am sure that the forum will allow our guests and partners to fully verify this! ”

Most of the samples of machinery could be studied in exquisite detail. To evaluate the layout of the armored vehicle cabin and even to sit on the seat of the soldier-driver or gunner.

Artem Evdokimov, a correspondent:

Now the main trend is additional protection of the combat crew. Here, for example, one of the last Tigers - a gun is mounted on it, but you can also put a machine gun, and even a grenade launcher. Previously, the shooter was at the top - in front of the enemy, as they say, "in the line of fire."

Now the problem has been solved. The operator-gunner sits in the cabin and controls the gun remotely!

The guidance system is more like a computer game. A monitor, two joysticks. To capture the target and shoot, just press a few buttons. ”

Several of these Tigers have already been tested in real combat conditions in Syria. Due to the use of a remote control system, the effectiveness of shooting has increased several times - the developers say.

Aleksey Filyokin, a Design Engineer:

“This is our Arbalet - the second or third on issues and photos. Many people are interested in it. Because, well, what is Tiger for? It's just a special force vehicle, roughly speaking. And then there is an additional function, as firing and neutralization of the enemy, and shooting at lightly armored cars.”

Special attention at the forum was paid to scientific developments. Several military pavilions were devoted for military and scientific innovations. Vladimir Putin paid special attention to this exhibition.

In addition to defense enterprises, young scientists demonstrated their latest achievements to the President:

“This glove helps control the robot with the built-in gyro. We can control its movement. Due to the special finger-mounted sensor, we can control the facial expression."

But most of the forum guests were struck by another novelty. Era Military Technopolis presented a drone for surveillance ... in the form of a polar owl. Judging by the appearance of the bird, the developers have shown all their soldier ingenuity. The drone resembled to some visitors a character from the popular saga about wizards (this is how foreign media named the drone), while others thought that the owl swallowed a light bulb. The authors of this novelty, however, did not bother at all. They reported that they would continue to experiment with camouflage security and would soon present another version of the drone - in the form of a falcon.

Artur Shubin, a Lecturer, the Department of the Military Scientific and Training Center of the Air Forces "Air Force Academy named after Professor N.Ye. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin":

“Its flight range is limited, in fact, to the flight time, it is about 30 minutes. With an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour, it can move away to a radius of about 30 kilometers.”

In addition to the development of drones, Era Technopolis will have to ensure the leadership of Russia in the field of artificial intelligence. This task is put in the Ministry of Defense. The military will approach to its implementation, apparently, no less creatively than to the "Sova" (owl) and "Sokol" (falcon). Discussing the project, for example, they remembered ... Goethe, a German writer.

Andrey Ilnitsky, an Advisor to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation:

“The use of artificial intelligence in decision making is a (great) opportunity, but it is (has) a considerable risk. It should be understood that artificial intelligence can act not only as an advisor and assistant in decision-making, but also as a kind of “digital Mephistopheles”.

The world premiere was presented - the second product in the ZALA Lantset combat drone line.

And fashion for drones was supported by the Kalashnikov Concern. The company's specialists have developed a self-explosive suicide drone. At the presentation, the Head of the Concern intrigued foreign military attaches and journalists, announcing the weapons of the future - a new robotic vehicle.

Vladimir Dmitriev, a Director General of the Kalashnikov Concern:

“Not so long ago, we received an order for an experimental design development with the Ministry of Defense, which will be called that way - "Soratnik" (Companion). They will be completely different products, it will be a whole line of products. But all of them will be based on the technologies that we have initiatively developed, invented and were able to confirm."

The forum section with drones turned out to be the most diverse and creative. Take at least the competition between the pilots in the drone biathlon. Participants had to pass the speed track with obstacles and shoot down a special target at the finish. Guests of the forum could only watch these battles - after all, drones are rather expensive and, moreover, very fragile in the hands of inexperienced pilots. But, one could relieve his feelings at the weapons center. Visitors were not limited there. Anyone could shoot withe machine guns and pistols of the latest models.

Vyacheslav Polovinka, a Head of the branch of the Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov:

“Explosions, gunshots, moans, screams of the wounded, talks of military men are heard there. There can be many scripts.”

To experience all the ins and outs of the battle on the front line - this is the opportunity for military doctors with the new virtual simulator. We developed a special robot for training skills of first aid on the battlefield and emergency resuscitation:

“Now the teacher will set the situation in the program when he, unfortunately, begins to die ...”

The robot is very realistic - it can imitate breathing, and its eyes react to light. All vital signs of the robot and the doctor’s actions are displayed on the instructor’s tablet:

“The position is correct. I charge the defibrillator and shock. A sinus rhythm appeared. He began breathing. He opened his eyes - we revived the patient! ”

On the front, however, not only high technology and modern weapons are important. For example, the Minister of Defense evaluates a new mobile bread-baking complex.

But man does not live by bread alone. Army 2019 is also the main marketplace of the Russian military-industrial sector. For example, last year, Rostec State Corporation signed contracts for more than RUB 100 billion.

Sergey Chemezov, a Director General of Rostec State Corporation:

“We have signed a number of agreements on financing the development and production of modern types of military equipment. I hope that the portfolio of orders for Rostec will be added with solid contracts that we will sign with delegations from Asia, Africa, and the CIS member countries. ”

Be Xuan Truong, a Deputy Minister of National Defense of Vietnam:

“Basically, the armament of our army is the equipment of the Soviet Union, the Russian equipment. And in the future we plan to continue purchasing Russian weapons. We have been able to check it in practice, so we do not doubt the quality of your weapons."

Foreign military delegations have long been actively interested in Russian developments. A queue of foreign guests was lined up to the meeting room of the Omsk Radio Plant named after Popov. The company showed its latest developments at the exhibition - radio relay stations for command and control.

Leonid Shefler, a First Deputy Director General of OmPO Radio Plant named after A.S.Popov" (RELERO):

“They are interested in our equipment, because most countries do not have the potential, specifically in military machinery. That is security, noise immunity, communication range and especially the climatic and mechanical effects that the equipment manufactured by our company withstands. It rates very high! ”

Omsk Radio Plant is actively engaged in product diversification. The company has established the production of modern telecommunications equipment. The broadcasting transmitter that was shown at the exhibition is already in demand.

Leonid Shefler, a First Deputy Director General of OmPO Radio Plant named after A.S.Popov" (RELERO):

“Our transmitters correspond to all world analogues in terms of quality characteristics.

Our company has developed them, and now we already have contracts for deliveries to MKR-MEDIA, a media company that owns part of the frequencies. ”

Traditionally, the demand for new products of the Russian aviation industry is high. Our country has already delivered 24 SU-35 fighter jets to China - one of the most functional and efficient aircraft in its class. Now they do not exclude in China the possibility of ordering a new batch of fighters. It was possible to examine such a popular aircraft close at the Kubinka airfield. There, the Khmeimim base “in miniature” was deployed for the forum guests - weapons and equipment on combat duty in Syria were shown, as well as how pilots live and relax.

Artem Evdokimov, a correspondent:

“The pilots' housing is rather modest, but it is furnished in style. Inside, the room is lined with wood, pictures or photos of friends and family hang on the wall. There is a wardrobe for military uniforms, a small refrigerator and a desk. The latest issue of the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper is always on it, even in distant Syria.

At the same time, the show was in the air. There, Strizhy, Russkiye Vityazi and Berkuty aces demonstrated their skills. They performed acrobatic maneuvers. And on the ground, tankers showed ingenuity and amazed the audience with the wonders of maneuvering and controlling multi-ton machines.

Artem Evdokimov, a correspondent:

"The main highlight of the Army-2019 is Vezhlivye Lyudi Show (Polite People). Spectators were shown an entertaining battle involving tanks, ABF units, marines and aerospace forces.

Many of the new products that the audience saw will soon begin service in the Russian troops. According to the results of the forum, the experts of the Ministry of Defense selected about three hundred unique developments. Army-2019 was a record in terms of government contracts. Almost fifty contracts totaling more than one trillion rubles were concluded.

Artem Evdokimov, Aleksander Mamedov. TV BRICS.