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BRICS Youth Model

Shoot common films, open an international museum and create a Commission to study economic zones. The students of Moscow University plan to bring together the participants of the "big five" in such a way. Their suggestions for the cooperation improvement they have on the BRICS Youth Model.

Five countries and about 20 speakers. But it sounds in every work: it is necessary to integrate culture: business, social and spiritual. Bachelors and Masters quickly appreciated. India was called a "new gold mine".

Since the government of the country is actively helping novice businessmen. And it stands for the development of the real sector of the economy. Within the concept of "Business in India" – they called for the establishment of production.

South Africa seems no less attractive. Students are sure that entrepreneurs get to the business paradise after moving to the African continent. A favorable climate - local laws make it easy to start a business from scratch. And tempting growth prospects - there will definitely be no problems with the monopoly and prohibitions of the state.