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Edouard Bizimana, ambassador of Burundi: "Our policy is to explain to people that their neighbor is their best friend"

Ambassador of the Republic of Burundi to Russia Edouard Bizimana was born on the 10th of February, 1968 in Burundi.

He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Modern English Letters at the University of Cameroon and went on to do a Masters at the Institute of Cameroon. He received his doctorate in International Relations from the same institution in 2003.

Edouard Bizimana joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Burundi in 2004 as Advisor to the Director-General in charge of cooperation between Burundi and Europe, and North America. He was the First Counsellor at the Burundi Embassy in Washington D.C. and served as Ambassador of Burundi in countries such as Germany, Austria and Slovakia

Edouard Bizimana gave an interview to TV BRICS correspondent Svetlana Kukava.