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International Tango Day

Anastasia Shkitina, reporter: "We are accustomed to think that tango means intensity of emotions, hatred, jealousy, and love. What you see behind my back is not a usual dance. At least because everything happens on ice. However, according to dancers, movements have much in common with figure skating."

As soon as passionate music starts to play, ice melts under skates. And not only from emotions, but also from masterful pirouettes. The Argentinian dance assumes many small and precise leg movements. So, athletes are not afraid to experiment with the so-called steps – one of the basic elements of figure skating.

Spouses and Masters of Sports Elena Lifu and Andrey Dyuryagin have been dancing partners for 3 years. Though, apparently, there is no innuendo between them, the dance strikes new sparks every single time.

Elena Lifu and Andrey Dyuryagin, figure skaters: "In figure skating, there are certain elements common for all dances, we just add characteristic steps, liaison movements between these elements. I guess, tango is easier for me because waltz is quiet, and tango arouses emotion in an instant. In waltz you can skate and enjoy music, but in tango you want to do something at once, you wind up completely."

Despite a hundred and fifty years of its history, tango does not fall from grace. Love and jealousy melt ice and heat parquet. Moscow choreographers justify that this dance is not only for old-timers, but also for the young and modern.

Together with other admirers of passionate movements, Olga and Grigory celebrate Tango Day dancing.

Olga Sergeyeva and Grigory Babayev, tango dancers: "This is a feeling that it’s not only us who have a "tango party" tonight. For us, this day means unity of people who are interested in it, take pleasure in it. It is good to know that this style is developing and becomes even more popular."

The International Tango Day is celebrated on December 11. This date is connected with the name of Carlos Gardel – one of the most significant figures in the history of this dance. He has written the well-known Por una cabeza. Al Pacino danced to it in the movie "Scent of a Woman".

But while today we are sure that tango is the dance of two, at the beginning of the 20th century, when Argentina was gripped by emigration wave, the main part was taken by men. People from all over the world came in crowds to Latin America. It was mainly men who came in search of a better life. That means, there was deficiency of women in the country.

Marina Myagkikh and Sergey Schukin, tango school choreographers: "Before they started dancing with women, they had to perfect their technique, learn to dance, lead the partner. Women, as a rule, studied very little. Those were no ordinary women, they had to pay money. So, they chose a partner for themselves."

According to choreographers, choosing a dancing partner is an important decision. They are supposed to show on the dancefloor if not chemistry, then at least strong emotions going from heart. It is not too hard to learn the moves. On the International Day of the Argentina dance, the main moves were shown to the tango fans on master classes.
Svetlana Melyutina, participant of a tango master class: "The moves are very easy, they are easy to learn, all you need is your will."

There are several types of tango: Argentine, Ballroom, Uruguayan. This country, by the way, still contests the title of the homeland of tango. Meanwhile Argentineans believe that tango reflects their culture. However, nationality is not the main thing here. Bright emotions and temperament are much more important.

Anastasia Shkitina, Vladimir Bragin, TV BRICS.