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Landfills of the Moscow Region to Turn into Parks

Roaring of excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks never stops day or night. A great wall will soon grow in this place. It will hold the waste that has accumulated on the landfill for fifty years.

Every 50 cm, we have piled soil, with sand above, which is then compacted to a certain density, and again all this is caged, and everything goes layer by layer. We are now at a height of three and a half meters. And it will be 8 meters high in order to align it with the body of the landfill and prevent the filtrate from leaving the landfill.

Filtrate is a chemical mixture that forms in a garbage heap as a result of organic waste decay. Together with it, a special landfill gas is emitted into the environment. Even if the landfill has been closed for a long time (this one, for example, has not been functioning since 2017), life in it continues for several more years. If a landfill is big, according to ecologists, the period may exceed a decade.

Anastasia Shkitina, correspondent: "This kind of garbage pond is the result of rotting waste. If the filtrate is not blocked, it will disperse with the groundwater across the surroundings. Let me note there is a forest nearby that feeds on this."

In order to prevent contamination of environment, it is not enough just to close the landfill, it needs reclamation. In other words, a whole range of measures for land restoration. It’s not cheap to make a system that reduces the environment impact. The cost of one such complex can be as much as three billion rubles.

Alexey Karpov, Head of Department, Environmental Projects Directorate, Moscow Region: "Treatment facilities and flare devices will be installed here, where we are standing now. Degassing will be carried out. In parallel, a system for collecting and removing leachate is being developed. This is a drainage system preventing leachate from leaking into the surroundings. As a result, everything will go to the fining unit."

According to experts, in Europe, leachate has long been purified to the state of drinking water. Very soon, this will be done in the Moscow Region.

Vadim Dyakonov, Head of Technical Supervision, Directorate of Environmental Projects of the Moscow Region: "There are 39 landfills in the Moscow Region, they are all closed. Of these, 10 have already been reclaimed, 7 are now under reclamation. This year, three landfills are being commissioned, their reclamation will be completed this year. The remaining four are planned to be finished next year."

Anastasia Shkitina, correspondent: "It's hard to believe, but in a year this place will turn green. The mountain of garbage will be covered with a special fertile layer, and the bearing wall we are standing on will be decorated with geotextile with seeds inside. And so, green grass will also appear on it very soon."

The landfill itself will turn into a park or even a ski resort in five years.

Anastasia Shkitina, Alexander Ermolaev, and Anton Kosolapov, BRICS TV