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Meeting with an Astronaut

American astronauts met Russian children suffering from cancer. During the meeting, the little patients drew flowers, rainbow and blue sky … Bed-bound children perceive them like something inaccessible. The kids exhausted with constant procedures and chemotherapy told their guests that most of all they want to see the real sky, rainbow and flowers.

American artist Yen Sayen is sure that children should ask the Universeto fulfil their dreams: "I believe there are many parallels between the life of the astronaut and the life of the one who has a serious illness. They just have to reconcile to many moments. They have to develop perseverance, independence, and force. I think that communication with astronauts will inspire children. Because very often, astronauts should rise above themselves".

Astronaut Nicole Stott became a living example for children. A woman who spent half a month in an underwater NASAlaboratory, passed survivaltest in alonely wood situated near Moscow, and walked in space.

Children's drawings can also visit an orbit. They will be applied on a space suit which many astronauts promise to put on.