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Moscow Health and Beauty Forum

Oksana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2002, President of the Charity Foundation “Hurry to Do Good!”:

“Accept yourself the way you are. Because you are the only one in this world! ”

The rules of beauty, health and women's happiness: Oksana Fedorova established a new forum in the capital. It was organized by a charitable foundation headed by Miss Universe. The task of the foundation is not only to help, but also to educate. At the meeting, Oksana explains why it is important to take care of ourselves and our body.

Oksana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2002, President of the Charity Foundation “Hurry to Do Good!”:

“The most important purpose of a woman is, of course, to have a family and to be a mother. There is a very big response from women who want to approve themselves, who want to get knowledge, the opportunity to communicate with people, with professionals, because this information is not always available. ”

Here you can get an appointment with a mammologist or a dermatologist almost without a queue. A real medical center was installed on the area of the forum. Today, most people come to the doctor - at best - when something hurts. Annual medical examination has not yet become fashionable. Meanwhile, disease prevention is needed not only “for beauty”, but also to improve the quality of life.

Anna Krivosheeva, an endocrinologist:

“People who are simply busy or have some kind of weakness, apathy, this is basically the case for everyone in our metropolis - but it can be the cause of a hormonal, significant problem. It is advisable to undergo at least an endocrinologist, especially for women, due to the fact that sex hormones are also very important, and it is necessary even for men, at least once a year. ”

The thyroid gland affects metabolism, the heart function, the condition of nails, hair and skin. Residents of the metropolis are "hurt" the most. A big city is a bad environment, lack of ultraviolet radiation and high intensity of life. That is why, skin is dry. The problem is aggravated by “twice a day washing” dictated by commercials.

Svetlana Kukushkina, a dermatovenerologist:

“Washing in the evening is enough, using detergents, substances that are alkalis anyway. In the morning, you do not need to wash, for example, with soap. If you have a professional make-up, if you have a job connected with serious pollution, there’s another story: then when required. ”

After consulting a doctor, you can visit a make-up designer: experts transform everyone with a perfect tone and long eyelashes.

Olga Bubnova, a correspondent:

“A beauty corner is working all day at the Moscow Health and Beauty Forum. If you were in a hurry to opening and did not have time to make a light flush - here you will definitely be helped! And as a gift, you will get tips from a professional stylist."

As they say on the Forum - "beauty is never too much." Therefore, I could not ignore the tables of makeup designers. The master shared the main mistakes that girls make during makeup:

“Concealer is not powdered under the eyes - it rolls down. The foundation is not blended. And they take a lot of dry products and immediately apply them: because of this, there are many spots. ”

She applied me a peach-colored make-up popular in this season. It should be powdered, and light summer makeup is ready!

“- And do many girls today line up for such beauty?

- Yes, very many! We have already had about 10 girls, but it is morning only! ”

There are guests of different ages at the Health and Beauty Forum. Some of them are inspired by the main character of the event, Oksana Fedorova.

Ariana Abdul, a guest of the Forum:

"I watched "Spokoynoy Nochi, Malyshi" (Good night, kids), and I always liked the way she looked, and I always wanted to be a little bit like her."

Others support the main mission of the capital Forum.

Elena Fedorova, a guest of the Forum:

“So that people can change their opinion and look at different ways of life, healthy and unhealthy, and choose which one is closer to them. We visited sections with a healthy diet, tasted it, everything was very tasty, we like it, it was even hard to believe that it was tasty and healthy too. ”

The first Beauty and Health Forum takes place in the decade year of the “Hurry to Do Good” charity foundation. Oksana Fedorova plans to develop her idea and hold a Moscow meeting annually.

Olga Bubnova, Ovanes Avetisyan. TV BRICS.