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Nomads in Moscow

Afull-scalenomadic campsite has been setin the yard of an ordinary Moscow school. The organizer is Konstantin Kuksin – a teacher of geography, a traveler, and the founder of the ethnographic museum.

He says, the habit to live in tents and to be constantly on the go is in the nature of many of our contemporaries. Surprisingly enough, even in the 21st century, nomads live practically in each country, from Australia to Mongolia. Kuksinhas visited many of them and collected an impressive collection of artifacts.

Rich history of nomadic peoples is stored in his yurtas and tepees. Many exhibits are centuries-old. However, according to Kuksin, the age of objects is not an issue. For the ethnographer, it is much more important to show modern nomadic life and customs.

To illustrate them for the Moscow school students, the geographer has had tough times. For example, Nenets agreed to give him their tent only after the Moscow citizen drank rotten deer blood.