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Online Discussion #5. «Quantum revolution: future occupations and educational transformation»

The Roscongress Foundation, The Russian Quantum Center, and State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom are proud to announce the fifth international online discussion within the framework of «Quantum of the Future».

The fifth special discussion, titled «Quantum revolution: future occupations and educational transformation», will be held 8th July at 5pm Moscow time on the Roscongress Foundation’s website and YouTube channel, as well as RQC’s official YouTube channel. Moderating the event will be Ruslan Yunusov, who is heading Rosatom’s project to build a quantum computer in Russia. Julia Uzhakina, Director General of Rosatom Corporate Academy, is announced as a special guest. All speakers will participate in the discussion remotely via Zoom, and viewers will be able to put forward their questions during the stream or in advance of the programme by writing to

Speakers at the fifth online discussion (8th July, 5pm):

  • Manfred Bayer, Rector and Professor of the Technical University of Dortmund;

  • PavlosSavvidis, Associate Professor at Westlake University, China, expert in the field of experimental polaritonics;

  • Alexander Lvovskiy, Professor at Oxford University, Principal Investigator of the «Quantum Optics» group at the Russian Quantum Center;

  • Mikhail Mokrinskiy, Head of the Letovo School, a private non-profit boarding school for gifted and talented students from all over Russia. Advisor to the Head of the Moscow Department of Education in the field of innovative development of educational systems and organizations;

  • Robert Urazov, Director General of Union «Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)», initiator of creating the «Future Skills» block;

  • Artem Voronov, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Pre-University Education at MIPT, Acting Director of Phystech School of Fundamental and Applied Physics where the master program on quantum technologies was launched in 2019;

  • Valeria Kasamara, HSE Vice Rector, Director of Institute for Applied Political Studies;

  • Sergey Salihov, the first vice rector of MISiS, which is one of the leading members of the consortium at the Competencies center of «Quantum communications» National Technological Initiative.

  • Julia Uzhakina, Director General of Rosatom Corporate Academy.
The programme is being supported by MKR Media and the Friends for Leadership business initiative in partnership with PGBgroup2.0 and online science magazine N+1.

The first session titled «Quantum computing: Answers to Global Challenges» occurred 4th June. The participants discussed how our day-to-day lives would soon change dramatically thanks to quantum technology.

The second session titled «Quantum Communications: Absolutely Secured Future» occurred 11th June. World-renowned scientists as well as business associates weighed on the topic of quantum cryptography and fully protected communication.

The third session titled «Can Quantum Technologies Give Us Immortality?» occurred 18th June. The participants discussed the opportunities of improving life expectancy and quality of well-being via quantum technologies.

The fourth session titled «Quantum Technology Markets: Who is Investing And Why?» was held on June 25th. The participants discussed the primary markets of quantum technologies, founding of startups and existing companies in the field of quantum sensors, communications and computing. The participants also mentioned the importance of international quantum programs in terms of promoting high-tech commercial products based on quantum effects.

Video recordings and summaries of previous sessions are available on the Roscongress Foundation website.

We also invite you to learn more about the advancement of quantum technology in Russia and worldwide from the lectures on RQC’s official YouTube channel.