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Quantum computing: answers to global challenges

A series of online discussions where moderator and world leaders of the quantum race will talk about the upcoming transformation of our daily life under the influence of quantum technologies.
Discussion within “Quant of the Future” program will be broadcasted on the TV channel TV BRICS and on the YouTube resources of Roscongress Foundation and RQC.

Moderator: Ruslan Yunusov, Head of State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom project on building a quantum computer in Russia.

We live in the era of digital technologies which owes much to quantum physics. Computers, smartphones, flash cards, and many other devices are a legacy of this era, which has become an integral part of our everyday life. However, the potential of this science is far from exhausted. In the coming years, quantum computers with the capabilities which until recently could be described only on the pages of science fiction may appear. Such computers will be able to solve in a matter of seconds the tasks which are impossible for even the most modern supercomputers: the creation of drugs for incurable diseases, the modeling of materials with properties which do not exist in nature now, and the hacking of any system using classical cryptography algorithms ... Perhaps in the nearest future quantum computing will become a technology which can be a solution to the “big challenges” facing humanity?


  • Boris Altshuler - Leading Consultant about quantum technologies in Google corporation, Professor at Columbia University, USA;

  • Urbasi Sihna - Professor at Raman Research Institute (RRI), India, and one of the ideologists of launching a quantum program in India with a budget of $1.12 billion;

  • Kirill Komarov - First Deputy Director General for Corporate Development and International Business of State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom;

  • Fyodor Lukyanov - Research Director of the Valdai Discussion Club, Editor-in-Chief of Russia in Global Affairs;

  • Gianfranco Basti - Full Professor of Philosophy of Nature and of Science at Lateran University, Italy.