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Rhino Wars

One of Africa’s Big Five species, the Rhino has evolved over millions of years and become one of the hardiest creatures of the African plains with few real enemies. However human myth and greed have put this species under imminent threat of extinction and conservationists are now acting as protection squads for the dwindling number of animals still found in the wild.

“Wait. What’s this? Footprints”.

“Justin, I have got two tracks. Suspects walking without dogs. Looks like there might be Rhino. If you could come out to this area. I’m going to ask you to airlift two of my field rangers, move them on ahead”.

“I think helicopters are vital to our fight against rhino poaching. The tempo and the rate at which this poaching has increased. And the sophistication of it has necessitated us to go back to the drawing board”.

The uses of a helicopter are diverse. They can be used for surveillance work, boundary patrols, homestead locations, infiltration routes. Since the implementation of the helicopter project our rate of rhino poaching has decreased by 55%. It’s now become a vital aspect to our operations. Something we cannot really do without.

Whilst the war to fight poaching in Africa is a hand-to-hand battle to save individual animals the real fight for survival of this species must reach into the whole world. To inform communities of the real devastation that the demand for rhino horn is creating. Only then will the rhino win back its right to survive.

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