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Shadrek Luwita, ambassador of Zambia: "Russia (the USSR) became the first European country to recognize our independence"

This year diplomatic relations between Russia and Zambia mark 55 years. What has changed during this period in Zambia? What is expected from the relations between two countries? The ambassador of the Republic of Zambia Shadrek Luvita gave an interview to TV BRICS correspondent Svetlana Kukava.

Ambassador of Zambia to Russia Shadrek Luwita was born on the 23rd August 1960 in Zambia. He graduated from National Institute of Public Administration in Zambia in 1997, worked as Secretary for trade relations of the Embassy of Zambia in Congo, and after that he was a Deputy Director of the main office of the President of Zambia.

Shadrek Luwita was appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia in Russia in 2017.