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St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum

VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum was held in 2018. It brought together 35 thousand participants from more than a hundred countries. It is 500 times more than at the first Forum held in 2012.
The St. Petersburg Forum has moved on top quickly, and now, it is one of the most anticipated yearly events in the world of culture. All city, without exaggeration, is busy holding events.The Central ground is situated in the General Staff Building. The official opening ceremony was also held here. There were so many guests that there was not enough place in the Atrium for all of them.  

The "Special Guests of the Forum" is a traditional status given to one or several countries every year.In 2018,Special Guests were Italy and Qatar.
This year,the Forum on Language Policy was held for the first time. It was organized by Russia and China. Preservation of linguistic variety became the main subject, because it concerns both countries.

However, foreign languages are not the exclusive communication tool of the representatives of different countries. This year,the subject of the professional stream in a Musicsessionwas the "Universal language of music as the means of international communication". Denis Matsuevheads this section of the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum for two years.