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Technology in the Service of Ecology

When it comes to the environment, we cannot take it for granted anymore: planet reserves are almost exhausted. At the Greentech exhibition&forum, all experts underline this fact. In their opinion, the most urgentproblem in Russiais the problem of waste.

Separate waste collection is not sufficient anymore. It is necessary to recultivate the dumps that have been collected for decades. For example, in Chelyabinsk, the city waste dumphas grown up to twenty five meters in height, and its total area has reached eighty hectares, which is equal to the size of 130 football fields.

Special attention should be also paid to the purity of air. Since next January, Russian factories and plants will be obliged to think of the environment more profoundly. The Federal Law 219 comes into force, obliging them to install monitoring systems on industrial pipes. The system analyzes air and can define a ratio of harmful substances with the maximum accuracy. One of such "data collection boxes" was shown at the Greentech exhibition.