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The Meeting of Representatives of ASEAN and EEU Took Place in Moscow

Two abbreviations and one common goal: to work together more. ASEAN and EEU become closer, and this International seminar confirms this. This is the first time the meeting of representatives of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Eurasian Economic Union is held on such a large scale. More than one hundred heads and experts of ministries and departments – face to face.

Ksenia Komissarova, correspondent: "Common economic interests, similar international challenges. The ASEAN and the EEU have common topics for discussion and sharing. Regional integration holds a specific place in this dialogue."

From the Eurasian Economic Union to the ASEAN countries come grain crops, meat, metals and metal products, and mineral products (salt, sulfur, oil, ore, cement). In reply they get cars, equipment, food, textiles, footwear, chemicals.

Both integration blocks head for high technologies. That is what rules the world today.

Ivan Polyakov, Chairman, Russia - ASEAN Business Council: "In the ASEAN countries these spheres of activity are also top priority for most of participants and corporations, for the majority of countries. We consider that the unique opportunity is being formed to help Russian and Eurasian hi-tech companies and corporations take up an absolutely different position, more favorable, more profitable, and increase their share of presence in ASEAN regions and economies. Increase this share substantially and change its quality."

Their purpose is to find new interaction formats, taking into account the idea of the Greater Eurasian Partnership. The world is changing rapidly, the geopolitical situation and financial markets are not always stable. However, the countries of the Southeast Asia on this background show a steady economic growth and an increase in investment activity. The ultimate goal is to develop both trade and breakthrough technologies simultaneously. Experts are sure: digital economy, smart cities make the nearest joint future of EEU and ASEAN.

Natalya Stapran, Director of a Department, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation: "These regions comprise Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia — these are all the key growing economies, with which we have to build correct, adequate relations aimed at the future. The Memorandum of Understanding between ASEAN and EEU is already being implemented. I think that today we will make further plans."

The international economic relations by new rules. Trade liberalization, removal of barriers, improvement of legal framework on the basis of the best world practices. The second day of the seminar, supported by the information partner MKR-Media Holding, began with a discussion of a reference model of a single-window system. Searching for goods, signing of contracts, payment, delivery – all in one data system. A task is not only to accelerate all processes, but also to increase security – both for businesses, and for government bodies.

Serzhan Duysebayev, Associate Director, ECE Department of Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice: "It’s like talking about an ecosystem which uses the most advanced digital technologies and will allow to transform international economic activity into a digital format. And to build it into a digital economy of each country."

The more information you have – the better mutual understanding you come to. The development of investment cooperation was another important subject of the seminar. Its participants are sure: the combination of scientific and technical potentials will provide the emergence of new ambitious investment projects. The market of ASEAN is looking forward to high-speed vessels, ships, ground-effect vehicles, planes, helicopters, etc. The powerful Russian experience in the military and technical sphere will surely help in this respect.

Sergey Glazyev, Member of the Board, Integration and Macroeconomics of ECE: "We could scale up massively the cooperation in this area, taking into account the joint investments, because cooperation with ASEAN countries is specific: they try not only to import, they also pay attention to creating their own industrial base. Therefore, if we manage to find within our interaction the points of implementation of joint investment projects on the basis of our technologies, I believe it will make a breakthrough, which will allow to increase the volume of mutual trade several times, and multiply joint investments manyfold."

Today, the mutual commodity turnover is not big enough, but it makes the joint process of making new history even more interesting. What is more, being a participant of the Asian economic miracle instead of just watching it from the sidelines means for each country of the EEU to get a chance of its own rapid development.

Ksenia Komissarova, Dmitry Golovko, Anton Kosolapov, TV BRICS.