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The Pudong Today Photo Exhibition

Today you see dizzy skyscrapers and fascinating panoramas of industrial facilitiesin pictures. If Shanghai district Pudong was photographed 28 years ago, the guests of the exhibition would see sandy shallows, salt furnaces and country fields with quiet rural life.

"Back then, guys from Pudong area were noncompetitive in the marriage market because all girls from other districts of Shanghai did not want to marry them. At the same time, all girls from Pudong dreamed to get rid of it by marriage", Gong Jiajia, the Director of the Chinese cultural center in Moscow says.

Today the prompt, modern, prestigious and fashionable Pudongis the region of the most popular grooms. It occupies an area of 1210 square kilometers. 5,5 million people live here. Their dexterity forms the "gold pool" not only for Shanghai, but for all China. Airbag trains, the fastest elevator in the world, or the Chinese Disneyland– from China with love.