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The results of the Holy Ramadan Cup were summed up in Kazan

A big sports festival took place in Kazan. For wrestlers, this is another step towards making grappling an Olympic discipline in the near future. And this will be their common victory. The composition of the participants is at the level of the championships of Russia and Europe, but the athletes were attracted not only by this. The very discipline of grappling - "unties the hands of the wrestlers" and opens up wide opportunities. A competition in which sports dreams come true. In the final bout, in the weight category up to 130 kilograms, Ruslan Abdulaev and Isa Umarov met. Luck on this day clearly chose Ruslana as its favorite. He not only won in his weight category, but also, following the results of the drawing, went home to Makhachkala in a new car.