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Tygerberg Hospital in South Africa celebrated World Prematurity Day

World prematurity day is celebrated globally in November and this year The Tygerberg Hospital used the opportunity to increase their donor milk bank.
The hospital is dealing with the largest number of premature children in the country.

Tygerberg Hospital outside Cape Town, is the largest hospital in the Western Cape and cares for the greatest number of children within the Province, including many from rural communities.

Jason Falken, CEO tygerberg hospital children’s trust: “Tygerberg Hospital supports the most premature babies…”

There is a great need for breastmilk at Tygerberg Hospital’s neonatal unit, especially for preemie babies who may spend months at the hospital and whose moms often cannot provide enough breastmilk.

Sister Fiela Abrahams works directly with the premature babies. She says breastmilk is vital for their growth and wellbeing and because of COVID-19 a shortage of donor milk developed.

Fiela Abrahams, operational manager kangaroo mother ward: “She says they have recruited 7 donors currently, but they still need more.”

Staff is happy with the progress made so far with the breastmilk drive, but they need more donors.

Сrystal Jacobs, dietician: “You can feed more than 20 to 30 babies because one premature baby needs about 12 to 24 ml per day.”

Donors are tested and given counselling before the milk is accepted.

Tameryn Rix: “I understand the need of the hospital…”

The hospital says they would like to create a sustainable supply of breastmilk for the Hospital to ensure that all our babies are provided with this important nutritional source