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Durban has more. The Beachwood Mangroves

We are at Durban Beachwood Mangroves. This is located on the on the estuary of the Umgeni river. In this area what you find mostly there are mangroves that we find here which will be black, white mangrove, as well as red mangroves, and there are a lot of crabs living in this area. Where woodland ecosystem or the relationship between these crabs that are living here and these trees that you find here.

This is a very beautiful and protected area. And it’s very, very educational, from the kids, up to adult, we all learn something when you come up here. Durban Beachwood Mangroves is easily accessible. It’s just three minutes away from town if you’re driving to the North of Durban, and there’s lot of trees to find here and, to protect the crabs that are living here, they’ve built a wood walks where you can walk in between the trees, and you can see a lot of crabs, thousands of crabs, different crabs, different species of mangroves as well.

Durban is far more than the beaches that people come for. There’s lot more that you need to see in Durban. And if you really want to see more about Durban, Durban Green Corridors is the right place for you.