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Bread Masala Toast

Vinusha, Chief Baking Officer: "Today I am going to make Masala Bread Toast, Let us Begin".


Once the pot is hot add ½ tsp of cooking oil, add some mustard seeds followed by ½ tsps. of cumin seeds & one finely chopped onion, Just sauté it well.

Then Add one chopped Green Chilli, Half Capsicum, One Chopped Tomato sauté it well, add one Pinch of Salt so that the Tomato becomes Mushy. Add two boiled Potatoes.

Now we are going to add Indian Flavourings – ¼ tsp of Turmeric Powder, ½ tsp of Red Chili Powder, ½ tsp of Garam Masala.

Finally add the salt for Taste and the Tomato Sauce (its Optional only), Then add some Coriander leaves. Our Masala is ready.

Take a Pan, we are going to Toast the Bread. Once the Pan is hot, add ¼ tsp of Ghee.

Keep the bread on Pan once it is Golden brown flip it, Keep filling in the bread.

Transfer into a Plate, now our Bread Masala Toast is ready.

Platting is your own creativity. You can eat it for Breakfast or Dinner, Try it in your Home.