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My India. Rukuna Rath Yatra

With India being a land of festivals and celebrations, each day is a festival in India. Recently, the festival of of Rukuna Rath Yatra Lord Lingaraj was celebrated in Bhubaneswar. Observed on Ashokastami, the festival is believed to be the destroyer of all evils and sins. Though celebrated with great enthusiasm, this year, it was organised with adherence to all Covid-19 SOPs.

A significant festivity at famous Lingaraj Temple, Rukuna Rath Yatra is a celebration of the indigenous culture and traditions of Odisha.

Celebrated in month of Chaitra on Shukla Ashtami which co-incides with the Gregorian month of April-May, the festival is celebrated with huge pomp and show every year with thousands of devotees flocking the procession to offer their prayers to Lord Lingaraj.

However, this year amid the spike in Coronavirus cases, the chariot festival was carried out without devotees under the supervision of authorities and police personnel.