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Altai region. "Checklist"

Where to go on vacation in the fall? This season there is only one answer - to Russia. A tourist can choose from 85 regions, each of them has its own characteristics - pros and cons, each trying to surprise travelers and leave the best impressions about himself. What to choose - sea, mountains, steppe, lakes, or maybe taiga? The program "Checklist", developed by the international network TV BRICS in conjunction with Rosturizm and the travel service, will help you decide on the best place to stay!

The host of the show, travel blogger Misha Ronkainen will travel around all 85 regions of the country and show the most interesting places, tell you where to go, what unusual to eat, where to take the juiciest photos and how to save money. We have filmed six episodes of the show already! In the new episode of the "Checklist" we go to the Altai region!

This amazing place will help you experience a unique experience and charge you with positive emotions, which is so necessary in the rainy season. In the Altai region, Misha Ronkainen learns how antler baths are made, makes friends with the maral, explores the Tavdinsky caves, enjoys the beauty of the Katun River and climbs Mount Devil's Finger. And she will also try real Siberian cuisine and learn how to go down the mountain on a mountain bike. After all the adventures, there is nothing better than spending a day in a sanatorium, for example, in the city of Belokurikha.

Details about the rest in the Altai Territory - in the new issue of the show "Checklist". Catch a great mood and positive emotions with the "Checklist" program!