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Kemerovo region. "Checklist"

The tireless traveler Misha Ronkainen continues his big trip to the cities of Russia. The "Checklist program" created by the international TV BRICS network together with Rosturizm and the travel service, will show all the best that is in our country.

The host of the show, travel blogger Misha Ronkainen will tour all 85 regions of the country, show the most interesting places, tell you where to go, what unusual to eat, where to take the juiciest photos and how to save money.

In the new episode of the "Checklist" we go to the Kemerovo region!

The host will climb into a giant coal ladle and visit a real mine! Together with Misha, we will learn what messages are encrypted on the rocks and how traditional Kuzbass dishes are prepared. Misha will taste goodies and listen to folk songs. In the museum of retro cars, the traveler will see the brightest representatives of the domestic car industry and sit in the car of Mikhail Gorbachev! And in the Sheregesh mountains, the presenter will ride a snowmobile with a breeze and hug with handsome Alaskan malamutes. But that's not all! Look!

The team of the Checklist program would like to thank the Service of Instructors of Sector E and personally Vadim Kulubekov for their help in organizing filming at Sheregesh.

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