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Republic of Khakassia. "Checklist"

The world is beginning to come out of the regime of self-isolation, some countries have allowed their citizens to travel. Sanatoriums are opening in Russia, and very soon it will be possible to relax on the beaches. To decide where to go in the first place, watch the show "Checklist" prepared by the International TV BRICS network together with Rosturizm and the service.

In the episode of the show, Misha Ronkainen will go to the Republic of Khakassia. It is here that the largest power plant in Russia, Sayano-Shushenskaya, is located. Getting to it from the capital of the region of Abakan is another adventure: a free tram runs to the hydroelectric power station, the path of which runs through picturesque places.

The traveler will personally check whether it is possible to touch ancient traditions in Khakassia, to take envy photos, to eat deliciously without spending a fortune. Watch the issue about the Republic of Khakassia with us and write this region into your checklist! We advise!