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Tyumen region. "Checklist"

This year Russians have a unique chance to choose an unusual vacation spot in any region of their country. Each region tries to surprise tourists and leave the best impressions about itself so that travelers will come back. From the diversity eyes run up - what to choose Kamchatka or Altai, and maybe Sochi or Crimea? The international TV BRICS network together with Rosturizm and the travel service will help you solve this problem! In the new episode of the "Checklist" we go to the Tyumen region!

Misha Ronkainen will try on the role of an oil producer and then end up in a convict cell. Taste a gourmet venison steak and wash it down with a glass of crude oil. Flies in a hot air balloon and finds out what happened to the capital of Siberia, the city of Tobolsk. After such adventures, there is nothing more pleasant than being in a hot spring and gazing at the stars.

Details about the rest in the Tyumen region - in the new issue of the show "Checklist". Don't miss the sixth episode of the program - on August 19 on the air of the TV BRICS channel, on the Rostelecom network, on the Promotion channel, as well as on the TV BRICS channel on YouTube and on the website. Catch a great mood and positive emotions with the Checklist program!