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Volgograd. "Checklist"

This year is the best time to travel around Russia. Choose from 85 regions with their own landscape, history, culture and delicious food. There is no such variety in any country in the world!

The program "Checklist", created by the international network TV BRICS together with Rosturizm and the travel service, will show all the best that is in our country.

The host of the show, travel blogger Misha Ronkainen, will tour all 85 regions of the country, show the most interesting places, tell you where to go, what unusual to eat, where to take the juiciest photos and how to save money. In the new episode of "Checklist" we go to Volgograd!

Together with Misha, we will take a closer look at the famous sculpture “The Motherland Calls” and an armored boat from the Great Patriotic War, learn how to cook “Kiev-style” cutlets (yes, in Volgograd!) And run 201 kilometers of a cyber marathon. We will also taste the salt lake! After all the activities, we will take mud and pearl baths, live in a tent camp on the river and taste traditional desserts from local masters.

Volgograd adventures – in the new series of the show "Checklist". Catch a great mood and positive emotions with the "Checklist" program!