How to Accustom Yourself to Daily Morning Exercise? - Anton Losev

How to Accustom Yourself to Daily Morning Exercise? - Anton Losev

It is difficult to do exercises in the morning, especially when you really want to sleep or need to rush to work. Because of this, most often our morning activity consists of running around the apartment in search of socks, with a cup of coffee being our only energy source.

We underestimate exercise in favor of other activities

There are people who feel great in the morning. However, the large majority only want to sleep in the first morning hours, simply having no performance.

Why do I need physical activity in the morning?

Sleep is a special body state driving tissue regeneration.

During sleep, the intensity of many physiological processes decreases. Nervous activity declines, body temperature, blood pressure and pulse decrease, other processes slow down.

The transition from sleep to wakefulness occurs gradually and can take minutes or even hours. In modern lifestyle, such a long transition is not only uncomfortable, but also harmful to the health, as the body, upon awakening, faces significant mental and intellectual stress, and the nervous system is not yet ready to accept them. Therefore, it is extremely important to take measures to facilitate the process of transition to wakefulness after sleep.

Include physical activity in your daily routine

Just 10-15 minutes - and you will wake up, or at least bring a moment of wakefulness closer. In addition to waking up, you will receive something extra: physical activity promotes endorphin, serotonin and adrenaline production. As a result, we become active and positive.

There are enough reasons why we do not want to exercise in the morning. However, they all ultimately come from a lack of desire or motivation. And motivation is brought about by a goal.


How to start doing morning exercises tomorrow?

  • • Set a goal: set aside 10 minutes for this activity every morning. It is better when we fix it on a sheet / in a notebook or in a phone/calendar – any planner you choose
  • • Write a list of exercises on a piece of paper or in your phone in advance. Better on paper, as you are less likely to end up getting lost in the phone
  • • To stir it up, choose the right music and turn on the light, if you are allowed to.
  • • Ultimately, create a habit of exercising every morning. Keep workout record in your planner. The task is to hold out for at least 21 days. By this time, we will have already formed a habit working in our favor.
An important psychological point: when you do 10-20 morning workouts in a row, it will be harder to stop, because you have gone so far.

Simultaneous morning exercises with friends or colleagues will motivate you even more - everyone at their home, of course. You create a little community where you support each other.

Finish you exercise with contrast or cold shower.


Best morning exercises:

Joint warm-up (rotations in the neck, shoulders, elbows, lumbar spine, knees and ankles), squats, bends, cat-and-dog, toe rise, jumping, hand walkouts (standing on your feet, walk with your hands forward and backward), superman, push-ups, abdominal exercises, plank.

And exercises for those who want an even more active morning:

Add to the first part: push-ups in different variations, squats, planks in different variations, jumping, stretching, resistance band workout, burpees, jogging or jogging in place, you name it.

Now take a few minutes to plan tomorrow morning exercises. Come on!


Physical training expert Anton Losev.

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