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Our programs

BRICS Global Media Tour. Russian Edition

BRICS Global Media Tour. Russian Edition is a regular project of TV BRICS which takes place in the Russian Federation. The event brings together executives and leading experts of the media industry of BRICS+ countries for practical interaction during major international and all-Russian business events. The media tour programme consists of several tracks: educational, business and cultural. BRICS Global Media Tour. Russian Edition presents a series of videos of meetings, business dialogues and round tables.

 BRICS: in the Mirror of Times
"BRICS: In the Mirror of Times" is a joint media project of the international TV BRICS network and the State Academic University for the Humanities (GAUGN) on the history of relations between Russia and the Five countries, which is being implemented within the framework of the Decade of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation (2022-2031). The project is a series of thematic stories on the TV BRICS multimedia platform with the participation of experts (historians, political scientists, culturologists, philosophers, orientalists) telling about the brightest pages of the BRICS countries' shared history and collective memory in the context of the Russian perspective. In a series of interviews with leading scientists in the field of social sciences and the humanities, historical references and references to the conducted research were used.
A special media project of the international network BRICS & G20 is a series of videos and exclusive interviews with leading experts from the BRICS and G20 summits.

As part of the BRICS & G20 project, all materials are published in Russian, English, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish and posted on TV BRICS' own platforms, as well as on the sites of TV BRICS media partners in national languages.

TV BRICS Media Network was the officially accredited media outlet of the 15th BRICS Summit, which took place in Johannesburg from July 22-24, 2023, as well as of the G20 Summit in New Delhi (September 9-10, 2023).
City of stories
Russia's small towns are famous for their history. They have preserved much of the atmosphere, appearance and memory of the places where they were founded by royal or princely decree. As industries developed, these settlements produced unique crafts and trades, amazing architectural structures, and incredibly tasty and appetising food. Today, small towns are the backbone of any country. The importance of their sustainable development, openness, security, resilience is now at the forefront of the world's concerns. In Russia, they are keeping up with the times, providing comfortable living conditions, without losing their identity and unique features. This is thanks to global processes, government support, and locals who are in love with their small motherland. Russian hospitality, Russian soul and Russian traditions. The TV BRICS "City of Stories" project is about those who cherish the country's cultural heritage, generously share it with tourists and wouldn't trade their favourite quiet town for Moscow and St Petersburg for anything. Rather, on the contrary!
Children of the Arctic
Who says the Arctic is a desolate desert? The main characters in the cartoon - Wild Reindeer, Polar Bear, Anya and Vitya - disprove this myth! The Arctic is the centre of the world, a space for travel and discovery. Friends travel across the tundra and explore the world. They often get into trouble, but they always help each other out and achieve their goals! So, are you ready to head north?
Personal trainer

If you're not good at sports, don't worry. Maybe you just did not have a good trainer! The project's presenter proves by her own example: anything is possible if you want. Olga Bubnova is afraid of heights, does not run in the morning and did the last pull-up on the horizontal bar in the ninth grade. But this does not stop her from conquering herself and taking new heights. Each time, for just one workout, she boldly masters the next sport and profoundly declares: emotions, drive, impressions are the best reward. Try to do it again!

Interesting topics, unpredictable questions and unique interlocutors: media figures and famous politicians. We learn important things, reveal secrets, get to the heart of the matter. Vivid events and challenging first-person stories, vitally about politics. In this interview from TV BRICS we talk about the world, life, space and the BRICS countries.
Special report
The TV BRICS joint editorial office presents "Special Report", a series of reports on topical issues on the cooperation agenda of the five countries. Each episode represents ideas, innovations, expert opinions; the development and implementation of national strategies; and the exchange of experiences at the inter-state level. What the BRICS leaders spoke about at the summits has already been implemented in real life in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. What results have been achieved and what is in store? - see in the project's episodes.
The language of dance
Everybody dance! Everyone has moved to music at least once in their lives. Hence the statement that dance is a language understandable without translation. Is this really the case? Aleksandr Kononov, the show presenter, finds out. In each episode he learns a new dance, travelling to visit choreographers from different countries.
Reporting about the most important things from the scene, from exhibitions and premieres, from meetings at the highest level, from the factory conveyor and from a clear field. Interesting, unbiased about the BRICS countries and the world order, live episodes of what is happening in Russia, the world and the BRICS countries.
Travel show "Checklist"
The bays of Sakhalin, the endless steppes of Elista, thousands of lakes in Altai and much more in the "Checklist" program. The host of the show, blogger Misha Ronkainen, will visit all 85 regions of Russia and show our viewers the most interesting tourist routes. From the show you will learn how to spend a budget and profitably vacation in Russia. Each route is impartially checked. Get inspired by TV BRICS and put a tick in your checklist.
Made in BRICS
There is the diligence and patience of its people in each thread of Chinese silk, and in the power of Kaslinsky castings is the strength and pride of the Russian people, their spirit and global recognition. Khokhloma, Bollywood and Brazilian coffee - each of the BRICS countries has its own unique image. National brand is unique works of art, internationally recognized heroes and masters. Made in BRICS is an author's programme telling us about the traditions of the countries, special coloring, and unique style. It contains useful information, experience of business cooperation and unique technologies of manufacturing goods Made in BRICS!
Russian stars cooking Chinese cuisine
Chinese cuisine on TV BRICS. Watch the program and learn how to cook original Chinese national dishes. The chef of a Chinese restaurant in Moscow, Liu Jizhong, and TV host Olga Danka will share with you easy and affordable dish recipes.
Films created by directors from the BRICS countries and about these countries. Films from exclusive festival screenings. Stories of lives are in a few minutes.
My India
“My India” program tells the story of the origins of the Indian society traditions and shows how the Indians follow age-old customs and rituals today during the pandemic. The authors invite viewers to a vivid journey through different cities of India and show how they celebrate the holidays, what Indians are, what they are fond of, what they believe in and what they dream about.
Durban has more
South African produced films tell about the main natural, cultural and historical attractions of Durban and the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Together with journalists from South Africa, viewers will be able to travel through Durban Beachwood mangroves and watch crabs, see the unique exhibition of the National Museum of beading, take a tour to the Bergtheil local history museum and get acquainted with the history of settlement of local lands, visit The KwaMuhle Museum and learn about the apartheid regime in South Africa, as well as take a unique trip on a real steam train on an old railway.
Let's cook Indian!
Cooking show of the extraordinary girl Vinusha Muthuramalingam from India.

The founder and chief of a pastry is in the fifth grade in Chennai. Vinusha cooked her first dish at the age of 8. In 2019, she launched her own pastry. Despite her young age, the girl has something to share with the audience — she trained in a five-star hotel and restaurant.
Witnesses of the era

“Witnesses of the Era” is a series of programs in which the history of Russia over the past 100 years is told through the stories of cars from the Special Purpose Garage - the legendary cars of the top public officials of Russia, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation since  reign of Nikolas II to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Each episode of the program is dedicated to an event that has become significant for the future of Russia, and a car that has witnessed this important event.

BRICS AGAINST COVID-19. INFOHUB to disseminate materials on the fight against the pandemic in the BRICS countries is an ongoing multilateral exchange of news within the BRICS bloc. The aim of the project is to raise people's awareness of the pandemic situation in other countries, to demonstrate the experience of foreign countries in combating the spread of infection, to counteract the so-called "pandemic fake news". TV CULTURA Padre Anchieta Foundat (São Paulo, Brazil), FUNTELPA Rede Cultura de Comunicação (Pará, Brazil), BRICS TV Moja Media (South Africa), Chengdu Radio and Television Station (Chengdu, China) and others. Key partners: the United Nations Information Center in Moscow, the WHO office in Russia.
100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party
The special project marking 100 years since the foundation of the Communist Party of China invites you to study historically significant events and stories about one of the prominent political parties in the world.

From patriotic events and outstanding movies to a remarkable parade of celebrations and competitions, viewers are presented with countless news about 10 decades of the CPC.