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Interesting topics, unpredictable questions and unique interlocutors: media figures and famous politicians. We learn important things, reveal secrets, get to the heart of the matter. Vivid events and challenging first-person stories, vitally about politics. In this interview from TV BRICS we talk about the world, life, space and the BRICS countries.
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Russia BRICS 27 may 2024
Pavel Kuzmin, General Director of the Library for Foreign Literature: "In literature, we find basic human values that unite the people of the BRICS countries"
Russia China 17 may 2024
Vadim Duda, Director General of the Russian State Library: “The exchange of best practices is important for the transformation of libraries in the digital environment”
Russia Brazil 07 may 2024
Brazilian actress Simone Shuba: “I'd love to create course about Stanislavski system for teachers”
Russia BRICS Serbia 07 may 2024
Director Dragan Fimon: "Theater and film festivals help strengthen cultural exchange between the BRICS countries"
Russia BRICS 06 may 2024
Choreographer Boris Eifman: "I am proud of the privilege I have today - to bring art to people of different nationalities"
Russia BRICS 27 april 2024
Rector of the Institute of Theatre Art Dmitry Tomilin: ‘The Festival of Theatre Schools of BRICS countries gives a great impetus to the rapprochement of young people from different countries’
Russia BRICS 22 april 2024
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov: "Russia's chairmanship in BRICS will help new countries to integrate into the association faster"
Russia BRICS 02 april 2024
Sergey Ivanov: "Food of the future should be affordable, healthy, tasty and produced in harmony with the environment"
Russia BRICS 01 april 2024
Oleg Grinko: "BRICS countries must find a type of sovereignty for co-operation"
Russia BRICS 21 march 2024
Oleg Kobyakov, Director of FAO Liaison Office to Russian Federation: "BRICS enlargement will strengthen global food security"
Russia BRICS 21 march 2024
Sergey Katyrin: "Taking into account the BRICS expansion, the potential of foreign trade relations of the BRICS member states is seriously increasing"
Russia BRICS 20 march 2024
Nikolay Pozhidaev: "There is an idea to create a pool of spacecraft that will work for the benefit of all BRICS countries"
Russia 20 march 2024
Andrey Baklanov, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Russian Diplomats: "Saudi Arabia's partnership with other BRICS countries will be mutually beneficial"
Russia 20 march 2024
Bronislav Vinogrodsky: "The book "Eurasianism: Seeing the Common" is a strategy of Russia's development for the next thousand years"
Iran BRICS 25 january 2024
Daria Fedoryak: "BRICS is a good platform for Iran"
Russia 18 january 2024
Denis Appolonin, chamber singer and solo singing teacher at Moscow State University: "Choose music that will excite you"