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100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party
The special project marking 100 years since the foundation of the Communist Party of China invites you to study historically significant events and stories about one of the prominent political parties in the world.

From patriotic events and outstanding movies to a remarkable parade of celebrations and competitions, viewers are presented with countless news about 10 decades of the CPC.
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China 25 september 2021
CPC seeking better future for humanity: Palestinian People's Party leader
China 24 september 2021
China's change is science: former head of Israeli communist party on CPC
China 23 september 2021
Treating people equal is culture: chairperson of Bolivia's ruling party
China 21 september 2021
CPC fights for the people: African youths exploring CPC's path to success
China 20 september 2021
CPC strives for people's wellbeing, humanity's progress: world political party leaders
China 19 september 2021
Secret to the Success of CPC
China 18 september 2021
Show Me China: Lim's firsthand recount of changes in China
China 17 september 2021
World political parties on CPC centenary: China's peaceful development towards mutual benefits and win-win results
China 16 september 2021
CPC releases key publication on its mission contributions
China 15 september 2021
Former world leaders admire China's achievements under CPC's leadership
China 04 september 2021
Interview: CPC elevates quality of life in China, says head of Uruguay's Broad Front party
China 03 september 2021
Interview: China's achievements demonstrate advantages of socialist system, says Lao party official
Russia 02 september 2021
Interview: Kyrgyz president gives "highest mark" to CPC for great achievements
China 01 september 2021
CPC's governance capability leads China to prosperity: Swiss communist party leader
China 08 august 2021
China proves Western way not only way out: BiH leader
China 07 august 2021
CPC represents sum total of aspirations of Chinese people: former Nigerian envoy