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BRICS Russia Новости мира 18 june 12:00
Number of donors is growing in BRICS countries
BRICS Russia 18 june 10:00
SPIEF-2024: investments, technological sovereignty, international cooperation
BRICS Russia 17 june 12:00
Forum dedicated to BRICS development strategies was held in Russia
India 15 june 14:00
My India. Indian economic landscape 
Russia China 13 june 10:00
Reception on the occasion of International Children's Day was held in the Russian capital
Russia India 11 june 14:00
Content from the Indian TV9 network will be aired by TV BRICS
BRICS Russia 11 june 10:00
The VII International Festival of Theatre Schools of BRICS+ countries is taking place in Russia
Russia 10 june 16:00
The Russian Far East is becoming increasingly popular with tourists
Russia 10 june 14:00
Pushkin's poems were performed to the music of the people of Russia
Russia Новости мира 10 june 12:00
Russian ethnographers visited Mali with expedition
Russia India 10 june 10:00
Indian business in Russia: opportunities for development
India 08 june 14:00
My India. India and Iran bolster their trade ties
Russia China 06 june 12:00
75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and China
BRICS Russia 05 june 10:00
The BRICS Nature Exhibition and Festival opened in Russia
Russia China 04 june 12:00
The Russian capital hosted the conference "Russia and China: Co-operation in New Era"
Russia India 04 june 10:00
Indian mangoes to the Russian market. Moscow discussed the expansion of fruit supplies
Russia 03 june 18:00
Russian artist recycles plastic and creates art objects
Russia China 03 june 16:00
The Sichuan Mahjong Championship was held in the capital of Russia
Russia Новости мира Egypt 03 june 14:00
Africa Youth Day was held in the Russian capital
Russia 03 june 12:00
To the Moscow Conservatory for social ball