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24.05.2416:45 Economics
Waves of BRICS expansion
21.05.2413:30 Culture
What is Chinese tea culture?
17.05.2416:16 Technology
Cooperation between Russia and Ethiopia in the field of science and technology

What BRICS countries have you visited?

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  • India
  • China
  • South Africa
30.05.2418:31 Economics
BRICS Bank considers financing projects of non-member countries
30.05.2417:12 Society
Russia and India to talk about trade and creating multipolar world at the St. Petersburg Business Forum
30.05.2416:16 Sport
BRICS Grand Skate Tour extreme sports festival to be held in Russia
30.05.2415:35 Society
India supports Bolivia's aspirations to join BRICS
30.05.2413:30 Education
BRICS heads of academies of sciences meet in Moscow
30.05.2412:56 Society
Presidents of China holds talks with Egyptian president
30.05.2411:18 Economics
Lula signs law incentivising tax breaks and modernisation of Brazilian industrial park
30.05.2410:30 Economics
Healthcare industry in Gulf Cooperation region is expected to be worth US$135 billion by 2027
30.05.2411:45 Society
More than 400 dinosaur footprints are found in China
30.05.2409:05 Society
Iranian scientists receive awards for achievements in physics, mathematics and best patent
30.05.2408:31 Education
UAE University announces funding for Summer Research Programme
29.05.2418:31 Economics
New Development Bank and China sign loan agreement to promote sustainable infrastructure development in Zhejiang Province
29.05.2417:12 Tourism
93 countries and territories to be allowed entering Thailand without visas


  • All countries
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • India
  • China
  • South Africa
30.05.2412:30 Economy
Establishment of the International Association of Special Economic Zones of the BRICS Countries
30.05.2410:30 Sport
Record in the number of participants: how the Kazan Marathon was held
29.05.2412:30 Society
International Summit “Arctic: Prospects, Innovations, and Regional Development”
29.05.2410:30 Technologies
Earth monitoring, lunar exploration, security: what the heads of BRICS space agencies talked about at meeting in Russia
28.05.2414:30 Education
The IV Kostomarov Forum concluded in the Russian capital
28.05.2412:30 Education
Leaders of universities in Russia and Saudi Arabia established the Russian-Arab Scientific and Educational Centre
28.05.2410:30 Education
Eight volumes of one region's history. Fundamental scientific work was presented in Russia
27.05.2416:30 Persons
Pavel Kuzmin, General Director of the Library for Foreign Literature: "In literature, we find basic human values that unite the people of the BRICS countries"
27.05.2412:30 Society
More than 200 experts from the BRICS countries met at the Academic Forum in the Russian capital
Иконка с часами 14 minutes 2 sec.
Ambassador of Ethiopia to Russia Uriat Cham Ugala/ “Joining BRICS is a growth opportunity for Ethiopia”
Иконка с часами 20 minutes 11 sec.
Douw Vermaak/ «Relations between Russia and South Africa are getting stronger»
Иконка с часами 8 minutes 22 sec.
Anthony Phiri, Harare Institute of Technology/"The world needs to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions"
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Chinese medicine - Vera Terentyeva
Euphemisms in Hinglish - the language of modern India - Dinara Vasbiyeva
BRICS: on the way to expansion - Anastasia Golyakova
and to the point
Once a week we will cover news in the BRICS countries
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