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City of stories
Russia's small towns are famous for their history. They have preserved much of the atmosphere, appearance and memory of the places where they were founded by royal or princely decree. As industries developed, these settlements produced unique crafts and trades, amazing architectural structures, and incredibly tasty and appetising food. Today, small towns are the backbone of any country. The importance of their sustainable development, openness, security, resilience is now at the forefront of the world's concerns. In Russia, they are keeping up with the times, providing comfortable living conditions, without losing their identity and unique features. This is thanks to global processes, government support, and locals who are in love with their small motherland. Russian hospitality, Russian soul and Russian traditions. The TV BRICS "City of Stories" project is about those who cherish the country's cultural heritage, generously share it with tourists and wouldn't trade their favourite quiet town for Moscow and St Petersburg for anything. Rather, on the contrary!
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